iPhone apps to get you in the Christmas mood

iPhone apps to get you in the Christmas mood
So, it's really beginning to look like Christmas, but with all the stress that's characteristic to this very season, we can imagine that many of you (some of us included) find it difficult to get into that jolly Christmas mood that's an absolute must for this time of the year. With this in mind, we thought "Hey, the App Store is full of apps about drinking beer, farting, talking cats and dinosaurs... there must be a few Christmas-themed offerings as well!" You know what? We were right. Here are a few apps to help you get into the right mood for Christmas...

  • Christmas Music ~ 10,000 FREE Christmas Songs! - Free
What better way to get in the mood for Christmas than singing along with a few beautiful Christmas songs?! C'mooon, who doesn't love Christmas carols! Really, we're sure that if you try one, you'll want to sing more and more. And this app is just the right tool for the purpose, with an incredible catalog of about 10,000 Christmas songs. Enjoy!

  • History of American Christmas and Its Traditions - $0.99
While you're practicing your singing though, it might be a good idea to read about the origin of the holiday and all the cool traditions that go with it. You know, just to refresh your memory. What has happened on that day? Why do we give presents? Who is this Santa Claus guy, and why no one objects when he breaks into people's houses? These are all questions that this nice little app here will be happy to answer.

  • Christmas Cooking Recipes - $0.99
Alright, ladies, time to do something useful! Hey, hey, this was just a joke! Stupid - yeah, but a joke nonetheless. Geez... Christmas Cooking Recipes offers a selection of 39 recipes for delicious dishes, which are very appropriate for the Christmas holidays. But it's OK if you don't want to cook. We'll just order pizza and coke. It's cool...

  • oChristmas Tree - Free
What's Christmas without a Christmas tree? Well, this just can't happen. Every self-respecting household should have one, but you know what the best part about the Christmas tree is? Decorating it! You know what's even better? You can let your kids do all the decorating so that you can watch some TV. However, you don't want to end up with an ugly tree, so you can first let your little bandits practice with the oChristmas Tree app, where they can use dozens of different ornaments to decorate a virtual tree. Once they are ready, you'll just have to approve the project and continue watching your show.

  • Christmas Fun - All In One - Free (more content is unlocked via in-app purchases)
Here's the ultimate Christmas all-in-one fun that you can find on the App Store! Singing along Christmas carols, playing mini-games and coloring pictures - you'll find it all in this app. It will surely be lots of fun for both kids and adults alike.

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