The new iPhone XS, Max and XR are Apple's first to support T-Mobile's best coverage


T-Mobile's ever-cheerful CEO took to the Twitter to remind us today that the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR carry an Apple first in them, and it directly concerns all T-Mobile subscribers that are also Apple fans.

As you can see from the flamboyant tweet above, the new iPhones are the first to support T-Mobile's 600MHz band that brings on extended range coverage and is available in a number of busy locations already. Thus, Apple now joins the pantheon of phone makers like Samsung, LG, or Motorola, whose gear can take advantage of the low-frequency goods. These include, but are not limited to much better signal penetration in buildings, as well as twice the tower coverage compared to other T-Mobile bands, and those who get the new iPhones will benefit, too.

After winning the 600MHz auction, T-Mobile quickly went to work to integrate the new spectrum with its LTE network. The kicker is that T-Mobile says that it will be able to provide 5G service over 600MHz. Though the iPhone XS and XR won't be able to take advantage of it with their Gigabit LTE modems, but the 2019 iPhone most certainly will.

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