The XR has the best iPhone battery life ever, precisely because its display is not 'Super Retina'

The XR has the best iPhone battery life ever, precisely because of the sub-1080p display
The new 6" iPhone XR has a ho-hum display resolution of 828x1792 pixels, returning 326 pixels per inch density, or just enough to be called "Liquid Retina." The 6" Huawei P20 Pro, for instance, has an "average" for today's standards 1080p display which still sports much higher pixel density than on the iPhone XR. Apple to apples, if you will.

Given that the pixel density of a mobile display is perhaps the biggest single culprit behind battery life differences, all other things being equal, that comparatively low screen resolution of the XR works to one undeniable advantage - the phone's battery life. Our own power efficiency comparison found out that the higher a phone display's resolution, the shorter the battery life when we average out their capacities.

Apple is listing official battery life stats in the form of "up to" 15 hours of Internet browsing and 16 hours of video-binging, which are very respectable numbers for any handset, not only Apple phones. Not only that, but Apple is so proud of what it achieved with the iPhone XR's battery life, that it cites the "lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus" tidbit everywhere, as this was its previous marathon runner to aspire to.

Granted, we don't know how big is the battery in the 6.5" iPhone XS Max compared to the XR, but it's probably larger, as Apple said it is the biggest ever in an iPhone. Still, the iPhone XR has better endurance stats than the XS Max with its bigger pack, and the XR's "low-res" 828p display is the reason for what turns out to be the best ever battery life on an iPhone, according to Apple's own specs sheets. We can't wait to put these claims to the test of our own battery benchmark grind.

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