iPhone 8 announcement, pre-order, and release dates revealed by leaksters

iPhone 8 announcement, pre-orders and release dates revealed by leaksters
So, by now we all know that there's a very special iPhone coming our way in mid-September. Aside from the “regular” iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which would be a natural evolution of the currently available models, there will be a third handset revealed. One to celebrate the iPhone's anniversary and push Apple's phone into the next generation of nearly-bezel-less smartphones. Right now, we are calling it “iPhone 8”, but many different names are being thrown around — iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro, and so on.

We've heard from a few different sources now that the date for Apple's keynote that will reveal the new phones is the 12th of September. A new rumor, which popped up on French website Mac4Ever reiterates this date as the announcement day. However, it also goes on to cite anonymous sources of its own, who claim they have pinpointed the dates when the pre-orders will start and when the actual devices will begin shipping.

According to said leaksters, you will be able to throw money at the iPhone 8 (and 7s / 7s Plus for that matter) on the 15th of September — the Friday that follows the keynote. The actual shipments will begin on the 22nd of September — that's the next Friday or a full 10 days after the actual keynote.

These time frames sound pretty realistic, given Apple's track records with new iPhone releases. Earlier this Summer, some leaksters claimed that the iPhone 8 shipments would be pushed to October due to manufacturing issues, but those rumors have since been silenced. So, maybe everything is on track?

Source: Mac4Ever (Translate) via Mirror

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