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iPhone 5C pops in a video, showcases browsing and looks suspiciously real

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iPhone 5C pops in a video, showcases browsing and looks suspiciously real

After a barrage of images of the different components of the iPhone 5C popping all over the web (and angering a fair amount of Android die-hards), today we're tentatively marking the end to that whole fiasco, for we finally have a look at a powered, seemingly fully-functioning iPhone 5C. Showcased while browsing in iOS 7, the alleged iPhone 5C in red appears snappy and real, though we can't know for sure whether a rather eloquent hoax isn't at play here. Considering that all signs point towards a September 10 announcement and a prompt release afterwards (as is the Apple tradition), though, it seems logical that the first batch of the budget device has already started shipping, so we feel a smidge more confident that we aren't being taken advantage of.

In case you missed out, a purported specs sheet has leaked just days ago, signaling that the iPhone 5C will be close to identical to the iPhone 5 as far as the hardware goes. Even Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, which was previously rumored to be altogether missing on the budget phone has been forced back into the daily agenda.

How budget is the iPhone 5C going to be, though? Not so much, from what we know so far – a contract free price of about $400 to $500, or $99 on contract – a price point to remind us that Apple's and ours understanding of “budget” doesn't necessarily mean the same thing. Regardless, seeing as the iPhone 5C is, reportedly, targeted at emerging and developing markets, we aren't so sure it'll manage to carry out the task it was designed to, namely: lay siege to the budget segment.

After you take a peek, make sure you check out our round-up on the iPhone 5C.


source: C Tech

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