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iPhone 5 Nano SIM cards headed to T-Mobile

iPhone 5 Nano SIM headed to T-Mobile
Although T-Mobile isn't getting the iPhone 5, that doesn't mean it would stop people from using their unlocked iPhone on its network, despite instructing its employees to sell against it. Just days ago, the carrier announced its "Bring your own iPhone" deal for any customer who wants to take advantage of T-Mobile's data plans. "But wait, the iPhone 5 uses Nano SIM cards, doesn't it?" you say. Well, T-Mobile has that covered. Or at least it will in the near future, as a leaked spy shot indicates that Nano SIM cards are headed to T-Mobile for use with unlocked iPhone 5 smartphones. The carrier will have them in stock at some time next month.

We cannot overlook the fact, however, that using an unlocked iPhone 5 on T-Mobile would be a pricey investment. That is because one needs to buy the smartphone at its retail price, which starts at $650 for the 16GB model. But in the long run, switching might be worth it. For $70 per month, subscribers get 5GB of data, along with unlimited nationwide calls and texts. In comparison, a similar plan would cost over $100 with AT&T, although data will likely be faster, given that the carrier has LTE deployed in a number of markets already.

So is anyone thinking of using an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile? Or would you rather stick with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint and take advantage of carrier subsidy? Let us know in the comments!

source: TmoNews
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