iPhone 4S becomes Flickr's second most popular camera

iPhone 4S becomes Flickr's second most popular camera
The iPhone 4S has become the second most popular camera on Flickr nearly a month and a half after its launch. Now, this was fast. Previously, the iPhone family gradually climbed to the top with the iPhone 4 becoming the most used camera on image sharing website Flickr earlier in the year, but the 4S has literally skyrocketed in popularity quickly surpassing runner-ups iPhone 3G and 3GS. 

The new addition to the iPhone family however still hasn’t outgrown its iPhone 4 sibling, which was still more than two-fold ahead of it in popularity, but we don’t expect that to last long. It’s also very revealing to see how the drop in popularity of the iPhone 3G and 3GS coincides with the surge of iPhone 4S usage. This to an extent, illustrates the 2-year upgrade cycle, where it seems that many people previously owning the 3G or 3GS switched to the new iPhone 4S.

Out of the five most popular cameraphones, four are iPhones and only the HTC EVO 4G manages to come close at a distant fifth. The current ranking says:
1. iPhone 4
2. iPhone 4S
3. iPhone 3G
4. iPhone 3GS
5. HTC EVO 4G.

Can the iPhone 4S dethrone the previous gen iPhone 4 on Flickr anytime soon? Give us your guesses and thoughts about that in the comments below.

source: Flickr via MacRumors

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