iPad early adopters more satisfied than recent buyers

iPad early adopters more satisfied than recent buyers
The NPD Group has released a survey which says that early adopters (first two months) of the Apple iPad are more satisfied than recent buyers (through August, 2010).

Eighty-percent of early adopters are satisfied, versus 65% of recent buyers. This might be for the same reason that they were early adopters. Perhaps they have greater brand loyalty, or they feel more committed to the iPad.

Usage statistics are also interesting. Both groups use the iPad primarily for surfing the Web, managing email, and playing games. But early adopters interact more with advanced multimedia than recent buyers.

Those early adopters are 50% more likely to watch movies, 60% more likely to watch TV, 38% more likely to read ebooks, and 44% more likely to watch YouTube on their iPads.

Though most users are satisfied, there were complaints, most notably that 51% wished the iPad had USB ports. The USB issue will most likely be fixed on the next iPad, so stay tuned for iOS perfection.

Why do you think the usage/satisfaction statistics differ?

source: NPD Group via SlashGear

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