Some Apple iPad Pro models suffer from bootloops

Some Apple iPad Pro models have an annoying bug
The 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro was released in June 2017 and nearly three years later there seems to be an issue with the tablet. On Apple's Communities website (via AppleInsider), one person who owns the device wrote earlier this month that it was rebooting every 30 to 45 seconds even without any apps open. This started happening with the update to iPadOS 13.4.1. The same update on the same device caused someone else to write in April that their 10.5-inch iPad Pro was constantly rebooting.

A more recent post made a week ago complains that an 11-inch Wi-Fi only iPad Pro (either from 2018 or 2020) reboots every 10 minutes. Updating and rebooting didn't help and a response from one iPad Pro user (which was recommended by Apple) suggests that the user try a hard reset. This is accomplished with the 2018 and later models by pressing and releasing the volume up button and doing the same thing to the volume down button. The next step is to press and hold the power button at the top of the device. While that will bring up the slide to power off button, just keep pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears. The tablet will then boot up to the lock screen.

The latest post was made yesterday and it says, in fractured English, "Why my iPad Pro restart by itself many times?" The last two posts are actually important because it proves that the iPadOS 13.5 update that dropped on May 20th did not fix the issue. And even performing the dreaded factory reset did not exterminate this bug. One iPad Pro owner tried to factory reset his iPad Pro twice but to no avail. That left the post's author to say, "It's the update."

There is no word on whether Apple is aware of the problem and why it has affected only a small number of iPad users. It also is unknown whether the problem is strictly related to the iPadOS 13.4.1 update or if the update set off a problem with the tablet that had been hiding in the background. Since the problem with these tablets makes them essentially unusable, hopefully Apple starts work on an update soon if it hasn't already begun developing one.
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