iPad 2 receives 4 out of 10 in repairability, 512MB RAM confirmed, 25% slimmer display package

iPad 2 taken apart, 512MB RAM confirmed, LCD display package 25% thinner, and very hard to separate
iFixit took apart Apple's iPad 2, and revealed a way thinner LCD display package, making it incredibly hard to separate the front panel without breaking it.

512MB of RAM were confirmed via software, and a few Broadcom, Texas Instruments and ST Micro chips have been used for various duties. The A5 dual-core chipset seemed to be marked by Samsung, but that is to be confirmed at a later time. Recently we wrote Apple might have gone with TSMC Foundries for the manufacturing.

The low repairability score of 4 on a 10 scale the iPad 2 got since now the glass is just glued with adhesives, instead of using tabs as in Apple's first tablet, and almost impossible to separate easily. Add to that a thinner overall package - both the LCD panel, and the glass on top, are about 25% thinner than those in the 9.7" display package of the first iPad - and trying to disassemble the iPad 2 without shattering the glass seems to be a mission impossible. Watch all the teardown findings in the video below.

Oh, the rear camera is confirmed to be less than a megapixel, so it's most likely the fixed-focus one we have on the iPod touch. The battery pack has almost the same capacity as on the first iPad, though - here we have about 6570mAh (25Wh and 3.8 volts) - which is a tribute to the efficiency of the dual-core chipset, since the iPad 2 lasts roughly the same as the original iPad.

source: iFixit
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