iOS 7 Launcher makes your WP handset look like an iPhone - just from another dimension

iOS 7 Launcher makes you WP handset look like an iPhone from another dimension
Those of you, who want an iOS device, but are, for one reason or another, using a WP phone, fear not, for developer nipun.birla has created a WP launcher, which simulates the iPhone experience on your Windows handset.

The iOS 7 Launcher is launched as a separate app, which then takes up the whole screen with its own wallpaper, a set of icons for the most popular apps, an iOS-like Control Center (swipe up from bottom) and Notification Center (swipe down from top). It works with both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, though the developer suggests using 8.1's Apps Corner feature to lock yourself into the app for a more immersive experience. Whether nipun.birla will be releasing an iOS 8 version of the launcher is yet unknown – he is probably still working on properly emulating the Wi-Fi and mobile network crashes. We kid, we kid.

If iOS 7 isn't your cup of tea, another developer has a KitKat launcher released, which does pretty much the same, only it makes your phone appear more Android-ish – app icons, transitions, and all that. You can check them both out here:

iOS 7 Launcher (free)
KitKat Launcher (free)

via: WMPoweruser

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