iOS 12 adoption outpacing iOS 11; nears 50 percent after just two weeks

iOS 12 adoption outpacing iOS 11; nears 50 percent after just two weeks
Apple iPhone X (Space Gray), iPhone XS (Silver), and iPhone XS Max (Gold)

No matter what you think of Apple or its products, there’s no denying that the company sets the standard when it comes to mobile updates. 

Within just two days of its launch, iOS 12 adoption had reportedly hit 10.4%. This number was down significantly over the 15.91% adoption rate achieved by iOS 11 the year before and suggested iPhone users were more reluctant to update after the bugs found within previous versions of the operating system. Now, just under two weeks later, though, the latest figures are painting a different picture.

By the two-week mark, iOS 11 had reportedly been installed on a considerable 38.5% of all iPhones and iPads. However, the adoption rate registered by version 12 of Apple’s mobile OS dwarfs this previous number significantly at a whopping 46.57% of all devices. This figure almost puts the new version on par with 2016’s iOS 10 which could be found running on 48.16% of all devices two weeks after launch.

It’s unclear why iOS users have suddenly embraced Apple’s latest update at such a rapid rate. But it presumably has something to do with the big performance improvements that come with it. After all, while the update does improve the experience on recent iPhones, it brings a big boost to much older devices including 2013’s iPhone 5s, something that will undeniably please users.

source: Mixpanel via Apple Insider

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