iCloud Keychain could get some useful password-management features with iOS 14

iCloud Keychain could get some useful password-management features with iOS 14
Apple is always working towards providing great privacy and security to its users. Now, 9to5Mac reports that there is a new update for iCloud Keychain, found in the code for the upcoming iOS 14, which will reportedly provide some useful password-management features.

According to an early build of iOS 14, iCloud Keychain will incorporate a notification feature, which will warn you if you’re using the same password for multiple sites. The practice of using the same password everywhere could lead to security issues, if, for example, one platform is compromised, all the other accounts you have with the same password can be accessible to hackers.

Additionally, Apple Keychain will also feature a possibility to use two-factor authentication without the need for SMS, email or additional devices. Reportedly, Keychain will be capable of logging you into compatible websites more easily while still conserving your secure two-factor authentication method.

Given the fact that Keychain is free for Apple users and other similar password-management apps, for example 1Password, are paid, it can be an advantage for Apple to implement such features to it. However, these changes are still being tested by Apple and it's not confirmed whether they will be present in the official version of the iOS 14, expected sometime in the fall of this year.


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