iBooks and iTunes U finally updated for iOS 7

iBooks and iTunes U finally updated for iOS 7
If you really needed proof that iOS 7 was rushed out by Apple, you wouldn't have had to look any farther than the iBooks app or the iTunes U app. Neither of those core Apple apps were updated with the iOS 7 redesign, meaning that if you had jumped into one of those apps, you would have moved from the flat and colorful world of iOS 7 into the skeuomorphic wooden bookshelf inside.

But, almost two months after iOS 7 was released to users, both iBooks and iTunes U have been updated with complete redesigns so they no longer stand out like sore thumbs in the new visual system. Now, both apps have ditched the wooden bookshelves in favor of a grayscale look that mimics the idea of a bookshelf. The content tiles are lined up atop a shaded background with a hard line below each, so it still looks like an organized system. 

The stores for each app drop that mimicry for a plain white background with the content floating on top. Additionally, all of the controls and menus have been redesigned to fit with the iOS 7 UI. Neither app lists any other changes, not even the usually ubiquitous bugfixes and performance enhancements. 

Download: iBooks & iTunes U

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