Hulu launches new rewards system for select viewers

Hulu launches new rewards system for select viewers
After increasing the prices of its streaming services, Hulu announced a new rewards system for those who love to binge. A new ad system is now available for Hulu viewers who like to watch TV shows back-to-back, the company announced.

The new ad experience has been specially designed for binge-watchers, so here is how it will work. If you plan to watch an entire season of your favorite show in one sitting or at least several episodes, you will certainly qualify for Hulu's new rewards system.

Let's say you're watching a show and you reach the third episode, then you'll be able to choose a reward from Hulu, as the streaming service will let you choose from either an ad-free episode or a unique offer from its brand partners.

Speaking of brand partners, Hulu announced that for the time being, it will give binge-watchers offers from the following brands: Kellog's, Maker's Mark and Georgia-Pacific. Of course, Hulu may add more brands in the future, but for now, you're limited to these three. Or, you can always choose the ad-free episode and don't bother with any special offers from these advertisers.


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