So, Android Auto is broken again, but this is what you can try to fix it

So, Android Auto is broken again, but this is what you can try to fix it
Android doesn’t only power some of the best phones out there. It is quite the versatile operating system, with numerous lightweight or performance-oriented variants. But sometimes, all you need is an app like Android Auto, which is fully capable of mirroring entire features from the Android phone in your pocket.

The app recently became updated with a major overhaul. The update was dubbed “Coolwalk” and it brought a lot of cool new features such as split screen, a quick launcher for recent apps and some Material You-inspired UI refinements.

But it also brought bugs and instability. And some may call that a tradition at this point, and issues like this prominent one, where users randomly get disconnected from Android Auto, is exactly the reason why.

9to5Google reported that users on Reddit started sharing about these issues on the Google subreddit and it seems that there are two major manifestations of this bug:

  • Looking for Android Auto, which you can troubleshoot by rolling back to Android Auto 9.3
  • Random disconnects post-connection, which some users managed to fix by switching to a Motorola MA1 wireless adapter

In other words, some users can’t connect to Android Auto at all, while others get randomly disconnected without any valid reason.

The first one is pretty easy to spot: there's a notification on the user’s screen stating “Looking for Android Auto”, which indicates that the phone is trying to establish a connection. Then — shock and awe — that just never happens.

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The second one is quite more random, though. You connect successfully, use Android Auto for a while and then — at random points — the connection becomes lost. Users with wired connections seem to be most impacted by this one, so if you are among them: try switching to wireless, if you can.

While it’s fun to say that Android Auto is usually buggy, we can also wrap-up the tradition with another statement: Google doesn’t leave its users hanging for a long time. A fix is always coming, so you just have to wait for it to roll out. Until then, we hope that the troubleshooting tips listed above can help you out.

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