First MariSilicon Y Bluetooth chip by Oppo brings lossless wireless audio to rival wired headphones

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There have always been impressive technologies coming out of Oppo's INNO DAY events, and today's 2022 edition is no exception. Oppo unveiled several very distinct products that are the result of years of practical research and span the gamut from custom processors, through e-Health devices, to smart accessories. Let's dive in!

The best Bluetooth audio chip

We are now mostly using wireless Bluetooth earphones connected to our phones in order to listen to music, podcasts, or often make calls through, but the wireless connectivity has lagged behind wired one for a good while now. That is why Oppo has developed its second homebrew processor - the MariSilicon Y - as a Bluetooth audio SoC with wireless audio connectivity as good as wired one. 

This is an impressive feat and a really meaningful innovation, as the MariSilicon Y chip is one of the first to employ the advanced N6RF process technology, while Oppo added an internally developed Pro Bluetooth Pack which adds 50% more Bluetooth bandwidth compared to any other audio chip. 

The SoC uses an exclusive URLC codec technology and a custom NPU with up to 590 GOPS of on-device computing power, so that MariSilicon Y supports 24-bit/192kHz lossless audio via a Bluetooth connection for the first time! Needless to say, here Oppo is leveraging its multiyear experience of making high-quality media players before moving into phones and smart accessories.

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The OHealth H1 medical accessory

Speaking of smart devices, Oppo has been investing in four of the so-called Smart Initiatives, one of which is digital health. Starting last year with the Oppo Health Lab, the INNO DAY 2022 now brings its first consumer-facing device under the new OHealth smart healthcare sub-brand.

It is called the OHealth H1 and makes following six of the main health vitals of your family an easier task. The light and compact H1 "puck" can measure blood oxygen, make ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate, body temperature, as well as do sleep tracking.

The OHealth H1 employs a number of high-precision sensors paired with proprietary algorithms to make exact health measurements from just laying your thumb on the device. It has stainless steel sensor connectors that can detect arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation with medical grade precision while making an ECG. The same higher quality approach goes for the rest of the vitals, as the H1 uses two inputs to measure the temperature accurately, for example, and ditto for the sleep tracking sensors. 

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Needless to say, there is an OHealth app that can send the data to your doctor, and with a blood pressure measurement section developed in partnership with Omron, the leader in blood pressure devices, in order to return a full picture of your vital health metrics in one carefully designed device that can be taken anywhere.

Oppo Air Glass 2

Last but not least, Oppo announced its next-gen Air Glass 2 smart glasses that weigh only 38g by using "the world's first resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens developed by OPPO." 
They can be used as regular prescription lenses, all the while the Air Glass 2 allows you to make phone calls, translate speech in real time, receive directions from your navigation app, or be used by people with hearing difficulties to convert speech to text for them, exploring "all-new possibilities in human-machine interaction."

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