Green bubble shaming: Milwaukee Bucks punished over a player with Android phone

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Green bubble shaming: Milwaukee Bucks punished over a player with Android phone
The collective iPhone is America's most popular phone. That's right, taken in aggregate, iPhones constitute half of all handsets that US phone owners carry on them. Sometimes the share drops below 50% like, say, after a Galaxy S line announcement.

Sometimes it goes above, like in the last quarter of the year when Apple's annual iPhone edition forces and upgrade spree but it's a fact that most Americans carry an iPhone as a daily driver. 

Apple is keen on maintaining and enhancing that fact by its walled garden strategy whose mainstay are apps and features that only work on the iPhone, so once you are in, it's hard to get out. 

The iMessage chat system is perhaps the brightest shining case in point, as not only is it exclusive to iPhones, but if you talk with a user on an Android phone, their message appears in a green bubble that prompts their conversation is with "the other side."

The so-called green bubble shaming is a fact and there are plenty of examples but none funnier than its latest manifestation by... Milwaukee Bucks coach at the time Jason Kidd. The Insider reports that it recently became clear that he can't stand Android phone users on his team.

Not because he has something against the stellar handsets that come with Google's mobile OS, but rather because having an Android in a sea of other player's iPhones is for him a sign you are not a team player. Wait, what?

That's right, the current Dallas Mavericks coach was training Milwaukee Bucks many moons ago, and when he found out that the ex-Bucks center Thon Maker crashed the group chat with his Android phone, he punished the entire team. 

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