Take that: Graverobbers’ $62K scheme defiled by AirTag

Take that: Graverobbers’ $62K scheme defiled by AirTag
AirTags can be of great help not only in life, but in the afterlife, too. Apple’s wireless tracker aided US authorities to track down and arrest what seem to be Texas’ graverobber state champions, if such a discipline existed.

A southerner had his uncle’s gravesite robbed one too many times and finally decided to take measures and set a trap for the wicked thieves. Instead of setting up an ambush and risking the creation of brand new graves, the clever man just put an AirTag in the bronze memorial vase that the graverobbers usually targeted (via appleinsider).

When the next robbery occurred, the departed’s nephew got in touch with local authorities and provided the data from the AirTag. After a 45-minute drive to a nearby location, the police arrested the suspects, who are believed to be responsible not just for the repetitive stealing of this one particular ornament, but also for a total of 102 tomb bronze vases in the last two months.

What do you do with 102 tomb vases?

Since the memorial grave vases are made out of bronze, they are valuable in the eyes of criminals, who usually sell them at scrap yards. While the sale price of a stolen vase may vary, the local Police Chief James Fitch says robbers can get around $600 for each vase: ‘These things run about 600 bucks a piece, so we’re talking $62,000 worth’.

AirTag, the new Sherlock Holmes

This is not the first time AirTag shows potential in the solving of criminal cases. In May, two men were arrested for a $1.1 million armed robbery after being tracked down via an AirTag; a restaurant managed to recover its 6-foot-tall, 150-pound fiberglass bull statue thanks to an AirTag. 

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In 2022 police in Charlotte, NC, managed to find a stolen backpack and arrest the alleged thief. NYC is a step ahead and recently announced the distribution of 500 free Apple AirTags in a bid to slow the growing number of auto thefts. ‘This simple device, this simple AirTag, hidden in a car location that a person is not aware of, is an excellent tracking device’, Big Apple mayor Eric Adams said.

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