Google's AI Overviews are about to get a little more sponsored for U.S. users

Google's AI Overviews are about to get a little more sponsored for U.S. users
Google is set to introduce a new layer to its Search AI Overviews by incorporating ads for U.S. users. This move, detailed in a recent Keyword blog post, aims to provide users with relevant product recommendations based on their search queries and the information gathered by Google's AI.

As reported by Android Central, the ads will be displayed in a designated "Sponsored" section within the AI Overviews, ensuring a clear distinction from the organic search results. These ads will only appear if they align with the user's query and the AI-generated information. For instance, a search for "how to remove wrinkles from clothes" might trigger an ad carousel showcasing relevant products.

Source: Google

In the blog post, Google assures advertisers that no additional action is required on their part for these ads to appear, as they will be sourced from existing Search, Performance Max, and Standard Shopping campaigns. The decision to include ads stems from positive feedback received during prior testing of the SGE (Search Generative Experience) feature, where users found the ads above and below the AI-generated overviews to be helpful.

The integration of ads into AI Overviews is the latest step in Google's ongoing efforts to enhance its search capabilities with generative AI. The company initially launched its AI Overviews test in the U.S. in March, aiming to provide concise and informative answers to complex user queries by consolidating information from various web sources.

During the recent I/O 2024 conference, Google unveiled several upcoming generative AI features for Search and AI Overviews. These include the ability to understand complex questions without requiring users to break them down, as well as the option for users to adjust the AI Overviews by simplifying the language or providing more detailed explanations. These features are expected to roll out soon to Search Labs testers in the U.S. who have English set as their language.

While Google has not specified the exact date for the rollout of ads in AI Overviews, the move signifies a significant step in the evolution of search advertising. By seamlessly integrating ads into the AI-generated overviews, Google aims to change the advertising game in this new AI-centric tech landscape.

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