Google Weather now has a dark mode on Pixels, albeit by accident

Google Weather now has a dark mode on Pixels, albeit by accident
It took a long, long time for Google to redesign their Weather app for Android, so that it can fit with the Material design refresher. A month later, the company’s flagships like the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro received widgets for the weather app too.

But you know what could potentially disappoint some users, who are concerned about their eyesight and overall phone aesthetic? The absolute lack of a dark mode for the Weather app and its elements.

Well, if you were part of this crowd, you need not fret any longer, for the Weather app now supports Dark Mode! Possibly completely by accident, as reported by 9to5 Google, but Dark Mode none-the-less, so let’s hope that Google does not “fix it”.

But wait, what do we mean “by accident”? Well, if your Pixel phone is running Android 13’s latest Beta and has had its Android System Webview updated to the newest version, you’ll see the dark elements of the weather app.

Given that the app takes a moment to load after it has been brought up, it may be the Webview doing its thing to darken things before presenting the content. Additionally, navigation has been messy since this update, which may also point to this being the result of a bug.

Regardless, the elements affected by this update are the search field, all the details about current weather, precipitation, wind, sunrise and sunset times, tomorrow’s weather and the forecast for the next 10 days. Or, in other words: everything beyond the initial screen, so you’ll have to navigate beyond it in order to marvel at the changes.

9to5 Google’s team has tested this with a Samsung phone too, and hasn’t gotten the same results, so it seems like the occurrence is limited to Pixel phones running Beta operating systems as of now.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that it looks way better for those of us who like our screens a tad more dim. We hope that Google will become inspired by its own bug and find a way to implement it entirely, while also ensuring full functionality.

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