Google unveils Ask Photos powered by AI to help you organize your gallery

Google unveils Ask Photos powered by AI to help you organize your gallery
At Google's annual I/O developer conference, which just kicked off, it is no surprise that the main focus from the start is artificial intelligence. Google CEO Sundar Pichai shortly took us through the history of Gemini and Google’s AI developments and also shared a new AI feature set to arrive this summer.
Google is integrating more of its Gemini AI into every product it offers, and the next focus is on Photos. Google will leverage its Gemini AI models to introduce a new AI feature to Pixel phones called Ask Photos. With the power of AI, your photo app will be capable of assisting you in organizing photos from various occasions or retrieving information that would otherwise require extensive searching.

During the presentation, one example highlighted is that you could ask Gemini to identify your license plate number. By scanning through your photo library, Gemini will then provide you with the relevant information.

With Ask Photos, you can also organize your memories more efficiently. Many of us have dozens, if not hundreds of photos of our loved ones stored on our phones. Gemini can assist by categorizing these photos into different topics. For instance, you could ask Gemini to display the progress of your child's swimming lessons. 

Or let’s say you want to know what themes you already had for your kid’s birthday parties. Ask Photos will figure out details like what decorations are in the background or on the birthday cake, to give you the scoop, as shown below.

As mentioned at the beginning, Ask Photos will be rolled out later this summer. Similar to other Photos tools, it might start as a premium feature for One subscribers and Pixel owners before becoming available to all users of the free app.

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