Google Play plans to allow UK devs to use third-party billing for in-app purchases

Google Play plans to allow UK devs to use third-party billing for in-app purchases
Google is part of Big Tech, regardless if the term is used in a negative or positive light. As such, when something is amiss, it is easy for government institutions to point a finger at the company. And is that any wonder? After all, they created Android and are trend makers on the market.

During June of 2022, the United Kingdom’s CMA — Competition and Markets Authority — launched an investigation, looking into the payment methods utilized on Google Play. After that was going on for a while, today Google announced what changes the company will be making in order to resolve the investigation.

Now, before we go over the details outlined in Google’s blog, it must be stated that these changes aren’t legally binding yet. Right now, the CMA is asking competitors for feedback on its intention to accept the agreement. That should be wrapped up by next month, when an official announcement will clarify the final plans. 

So, you’ve read the title. The Big G’s plan is to allow for third-party billing solutions — if developers choose to implement them in their in-app purchases — in the UK. This means that, if these changes go through, the next time you want to buy some RP from League of Legends, you won’t be forced into using Google Pay. 

This also means that devs can start offering slightly lower costs for their apps and services. The billing options will be presented in a “neutral manner” to users and if they go with a non-Google payment method, the dev’s service fee will drop by 4%. Devs can also opt to not display Google Pay as an option entirely, which would decrease the fee to 3% instead. That would mean that the service fees may total out at 11% and 12% respectively, out of the initial 15%, which had stood firm for a long time. 

When the final judgment call is reached in May, Google is prepared to start rolling out these changes in phases. They will first become available to non-gaming apps, but game devs will be able to take advantage of them too by the end of October of 2023.

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