Google Play Store may soon remind you to open your forgotten apps

Google Play Store may soon remind you to open your forgotten apps
Google has started testing a reminder feature within its Play Store app that will gently nudge you to open apps that you have downloaded but never opened. This convenient feature is especially useful for those who tend to download apps and then forget about them.

Android users often download apps only to forget to open them, and Google aims to solve this issue with a new feature that reminds users to open apps they have downloaded but not yet used. This feature, discovered during a deep dive of the app's code, was found in the Google Play Store v41.2.21 and is called the "Open app reminder."

The feature works by sending a notification to the user if they haven't opened a newly downloaded app within 24 hours of installation. If the user ignores the first reminder, a second reminder will be sent. However, after two reminders, no further notifications will be sent for that specific app. It's worth noting that this feature is still under testing and might not be available to all users yet.

Images credit — Android Authority

This upcoming feature from Google is a welcome addition for users who frequently download apps but don't always remember to open and use them. It's particularly beneficial for those who download apps over Wi-Fi and then switch to other tasks, forgetting about the recently installed apps.

According to Android Authority, the feature was spotted in the Google Play Store version 41.2.21 during an APK breakdown. However, some users have already seen the feature on their devices, which means that Google is gradually rolling it out and that we can anticipate a wider release of this feature soon. This upcoming feature from Google is a small yet useful addition to the Play Store and serves as a gentle reminder for users to explore and utilize the apps they have downloaded.

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