Google Pixel Watch backplate coming undone for some users

Google Pixel Watch backplate coming undone for some users
The Google Pixel Watch launched last year alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro and since its debut it has undoubtedly had its share of praises and criticisms. One of the biggest praises the watch has received is the level of polish and craftsmanship it is built with, even in spite of its smaller physical dimensions and not ideal battery life. However, according to some users on Reddit and Twitter, it appears that there are some faulty units out there with a defect that causes the watch's backplate to come undone.

As observed by Android Police, the issue does not appear to be widespread, but enough reports have surfaced at this point to consider this issue as something to keep an eye on. Wear OS watches suffering from backplate issues due to the glue dissolving as a result of sweat or heat, isn't a new issue either. I, for one, had that issue with a Fossil watch a couple of years back, to the point that I had to be extremely careful when removing the watch from the charger.

On Reddit, the reports of the backplate coming off from the watch seems consistent with my previous experience when removing a watch from a charger. However, resolutions for these watch users are mixed as some seem to have gotten a replacement unit authorized and sent, while others outside the U.S. were stuck taking the watch to a repair shop and paying a fee. Interestingly enough, one user in particular reported that the issue happened when removing a protective case in order to wipe clean the watch.

It is unclear what the condition of the watches were prior to reporting any of these cases. As a Google Pixel Watch owner myself, I have not noticed any quality control issues with it, and I do have a bezel styling protector on it. It will be interesting to see if more cases like these pop up and what Google will be doing to resolve the issue, particularly with rumors of a Google Pixel Watch 2 in the horizon sporting a beefier processor.

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