Google owes millions after it lost a decade-long legal battle

Google owes millions after it lost a decade-long legal battle
So if I ask you if you’ve heard about Google, you’ll certainly confirm. The company basically created Android and also manufactures some of the best Android phones on the market.

But have you heard about Sonos? It's a US-based company that makes audio tech, like wireless speakers and headphones. But what do the two brands have in common? Well, a lawsuit of course!

What started off as a planned partnership ended in a legal feud, as Sonos sued Google in 2013 for stealing its multi-room technology. Ever since then, the dispute has grown with additional claims from Sonos.

Sure, Google fought back with accusations against Sonos too. But now, AppleInsider reports that the saga has finally come to an end with Google owing Sonos millions of dollars for patent infringement.

So, what are the damages? The San Fran court has sided with Sonos and decided that the Big G owes $32,5 million. Ouch? The verdict is focused on two of the patents, with the first being the aforementioned multi-room audio tech, while the second being about using smartphones to control other devices.

The jury, however, states their belief about Google having infringed more than 200 patents from Sonos. Even further ouch! Sonos, of course, was happy about the resolution and thanked the jury for recognizing the value of Sonos’ inventions.

Google’s statement, on the other hand, was quite short, boasting that the company has always valued creativity and the independent development of new features. And in a somewhat super-villainesque finale, ended things with “We are considering our next steps.”

But will Sonos press on further? After all, the jury has found traces of Google infringing more patents and this may very well be taken as green light for Sonsos to push further. Still, Google is certainly not going to take that lying down. 

As we're certainly not the authority on legal disputes, we can conclude on the obvious: time will tell! Especially after that foreboding quote from Google. For the time being, we just hope that Sonos doesn't take away Android's ability to remotely control wireless speakers. That would be a bummer! 

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