Google has a new Nest Audio smart speaker, and it's a doozy

Google has a new Nest Audio smart speaker, and it's a doozy
Hey ho, a new smart speaker enters the fray, yo! Google just announced and presented a fresh device in its Nest home automation line, dubbed Nest Audio. As the name suggests, it is a speaker of sorts, and, knowing it comes with the Google logo, a very smart cookie at that.

Perhaps the least talked about device from the ones that Google intended to announce today, the Nest Audio gear in fact turned out to be a real treat that will undoubtedly solidify Google's head start in home devices you can chat with via the venerable Assistant butler.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker price and features

Larger than Google's most popular puck-sized Nest Mini, and about the size of the Google Home contraption of yesteryear that it is supposed to replace (it's been four years!), the Nest Audio saves the design surprises for some future edition, as it looks pretty bog standard for a smart speaker in the Google family.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, and on the inside, as Google has equipped the Nest Audio with all the modern accoutrements one would expect from the world's most powerful company in AI, speech recognition, and algorithmic excellence. 

New Google Nest Audio smart speaker features and pricing:

  • Nest Audio price: $99, release date: October 5
  • Recycled fabric in Sage, Sand, Sky, Chalk and Charcoal colors
  • 75mm mid-woofer, 19mm tweeter
  • 50% higher volume, 75% more bass than Google Home
  • Google Assistant integration

And such is the nature of Google's marketing and distribution departments, that the Nest Audio, just like the new Chromecast with Google TV dongle, were already on sale before the announcement, so you can see how the Nest Audio looks like in the flesh from one lucky buyer.

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