Google Messages could be getting "Profiles" to share your information with other users

Google Messages could be getting "Profiles" to share your information with other users
Google has been reportedly working on a Profiles feature for its Messages application for several months. This feature appears to be a way for users to have their desired name, photo and other information attached to their contact card within the application.

The "Profiles" feature was spotted in an APK teardown by 9to5Google, which helped identify more details on what it could do. According to this teardown, code was found in the latest beta version of Google Messages (v20231106_01_RC00) which describes Profiles as a way for users to "Choose your profile name & picture so people can recognize you."

The feature is still under development, but it appears that users will be able to create a profile with their name, photo, and other information. This profile could then be shared with other Messages users, so that they can easily identify each other in conversations.

"Profiles" was originally spotted back in January as a preferences page in Android system settings, although the toggle was not functional when turned on. This suggested that Profiles could be a standalone feature that is managed by Google Messages, rather than being part of RCS.

If Profiles are implemented, it is likely that they would appear at the top of conversations in Google Messages. I would speculate that tapping on a profile name or photo could then open a profile page with more information about the user that other users could then save to the corresponding contact card.

Google has not yet announced a release date for the Profiles feature. However, given that it has been in development for several months and is now appearing in beta versions of the app, it is likely that it will be released in the near future.

Google Messages Profiles have the potential to be a significant new feature that would improve the messaging experience for users. It will be interesting to see how Google implements Profiles and how it integrates them with other Messages features, such as RCS and group chats.

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