Google is giving away discount codes for movie tickets to Local Guides

Google has been looking for ways to incentivize people to take part in its Maps Local Guides initiative. The prizes haven't really been anything amazing thus far, but for people who like to contribute to the platform anyways, a small gift card or a month or two of free Google Play Music have been welcome things to look for in exchange for a handful of photos and reviews on Google Maps.

Google's latest such initiative comes in the form of a partnership with Atom Tickets. Local Guides now have the chance to score a $5 rebate off any movie ticket. Google is giving out codes to the most helpful Local Guides, which can be redeemed from within the Atom Tickets app, 9to5Google reports.

It's a neat thing, this, but the problem is that Google hasn't given any clear directions as to what requirements need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for a discount code. A number Reddit users, who are Level 6 guides, have reported receiving an email from Google about the promotion, so Level 6 may be the threshold to qualify.

"Just in time for some of the season’s biggest movies, we’ve teamed up with Atom to get you a free movie ticket. Use the app to redeem your perk by June 3rd, 2018," is what the email says. So, if you're among the lucky chosen, don't forget to drop a comment down below, and to also use your code before June 3rd!

source: Reddit via 9to5Google


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