Google Lens shortcut is tested on Pixel Launcher search bar

Google Lens shortcut is tested on Pixel Launcher search bar
Playing the game of musical icons, for some Pixel users Google stopped the music with the Google Lens icon on the Pixel Launcher search bar to the right of the Assistant icon. 9to5 Google posted a picture showing exactly what the search bar looks like with the Lens short cut being tested. Google Lens uses image recognition technology devised by Google to show certain features about an items it identifies.

Tapping the Google Lens icon takes the user directly to the Google Lens app. There is a similar icon in the Google Search app's search bar that happens to do the same exact thing. The test that Google is running with the Lens icon's placement in the Pixel Launcher search bar has been spotted only by those participating in the Android 12 Developer Preview which recently had its third release.

A Google Lens based "translate" button has surfaced on Android 11's screenshot UI next to the preview found in the left corner of the display. This feature has also been found in the Recent Apps view on the Android 12 Developer Preview.


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