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Update to produce a more colorful Google Keep

Update to produce a more colorful Google Keep
Google Keep is a free note-taking app found on iOS, Android, and the desktop. Currently, Keep's interface is nothing that users would get excited about as it shows the drawn image of a light bulb. Whether Google received complaints about the coma-producing UI or it decided unilaterally to freshen up the look isn't clear, but citing a source who discovered the change, Android Police shared images of the new UI earlier today.

Users will be able to select from different background colors by tapping on the icon of an artist's palette found at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the icon will also reveal the different background images that the Google Keep app and website will show. Options include a plain background in various colors, a checkered umbrella, a fork retreating from a bowl of spaghetti with pasta intertwined on its prongs, and some others.

We have yet to see the new background surface which points to the updated UI being rolled out via a server-side update. If you've never opened the Keep app before, it allows you to take and save written notes and lists, keep photos, and audio. You can use the app to produce a shopping list, create a to-do list, and more. And these reminders can be set to go off at certain locations.

You can set the app to display your shopping list when you enter the supermarket or create a time-based reminder to help you get a particular task done without completing it too late. You can install Google Keep from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.
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