Google Flights upgraded to help you save more on tickets. Here’s how

Google Flight upgraded to help you save more on tickets! Here’s how
It’s 2023 and it is still such a hassle to buy plane tickets. Not only do we have to deal with all of the stress that a typical airport comes with, but all of us also need to worry about buying tickets.

And let me tell you, folks, there are pages upon pages filled with theories on how to get the cheapest possible prices. Because, let’s face it: flying, despite being safe, is still way too expensive.

That’s right, we live in an age where the best phones on the market are basically supercomputers, but we can’t get cheap flights. Total bummer.

Or can we? That’s right, Google has a Flights service! And it’s not only a great tool to find the flight that works best for you. Now, the platform can help you find the optimal time to get a ticket, so that you can save a lot while traveling.

Cool, so: the latest update to the Google Flights feature dropped just a few days ago and it offers users a few new tricks to play around with:

  1. Checking the best time to book
  2. Getting notifications when the price is right
  3. Price guarantees: the ultimate flight bonus!

Now, let’s explain all of them!

The first from the list is pretty self-explanatory, but still very useful. Google basically checks for historical data on the type and time of the flight you are looking at, and then uses that information in order to tell you if this price is low, typical or high.

So, TL;DR: if the text is green, this is likely to be a solid deal. If the price is red, you’re better off waiting for another opportunity.

But the second one is where it’s really at! A huge part of what makes flying annoying is constantly having to check for price fluctuations, until you’ve actually made the purchase. So, Google asks: why not let it do the heavy lifting?

If you turn this setting on, the platform will send your phone a notification, signifying that the prices are significantly lower and that it’s finally time to buy that ticket!

Finally, price guarantees are a type of badge that you may see while browsing specific flights. This symbol basically means that Google is pretty sure that this is the best price you could possibly get for the given flight.

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Hence, you should probably go for broke if you see it!

And that’s about it: three new features, offering a ton of useful info are now a part of Google Flights. Summer might be coming to a close, but it’s not over yet. And better yet: fall is beautiful in so many places all over the world. Maybe it is time to do a bit of traveling, huh?

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