Better late than never, Google Fi's 5G network now works on iPhones

Better late than never, Google Fi's 5G network now works on iPhones
Google Fi, the company's MVNO cellular carrier service, has revealed via a tweet that it is extending its 5G coverage to include iPhones. This is a major step forward for the company, as earlier only Google's Pixel phones could connect to Fi's 5G network.

iPhone users who are Google Fi subscribers will now be able to utilize the service's 5G network in 35 cities across the United States as a result of the extension. Google Fi's use of numerous wireless networks, including T-Mobile, Sprint, and US wireless, enables this.

To use Google Fi's 5G network, iPhone users must have a compatible smartphone and be in a 5G coverage region. The network supports 5G-capable iPhones such as the iPhone 12 or newer.

Google Fi's 5G network guarantees customers faster bandwidth and reduced latency. This is especially useful for those who watch video or play games on their phones, as well as for companies that require dependable and quick internet connections.

This late, but welcomed, expansion of Google Fi's 5G network into the iPhone market is part of the company's continuing attempts to bring its service to a broader variety of devices. While Google Fi was initially only accessible on Google's Pixel phones, it has since been extended to include a wide range of Android devices and, most recently, iPhones using 4G.

Using 5G on existing iPhones that are already on Google Fi's network will require a few steps which include navigating to your iPhone's Settings, then accessing the "Cellular" section. Once there, select "Cellular Data Options," then "Voice & Data" or "Cellular". Finally, pick "Voice & Data" and "5G Auto" after tapping your phone number.

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Overall, Google Fi's 5G network extension to iPhones is a major development for both the business and its customers as Google Fi's 5G network claims to provide a better user experience. Furthermore, the expansion of Google Fi's service to iPhones is likely to draw new users, cementing the company's place as a significant participant in the wireless carrier market.

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