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Long lasting Android 11 bug not good for gamers

Long lasting Android 11 bug not good for gamers
According to AndroidPolice, a problem that prevents Android 11 from working with certain game controllers was first seen in the Android Issue Tracker before the release of Android 11. And even now, almost five months after the problem was first reported to Google, the issue remains, well, an issue. Most of the complaints are coming from Pixel users who cannot sync controllers including Google's own Stadia controller, the Razer Kishi, and the Sony DualShock 4. Besides Pixel handsets, some OnePlus and Samsung phones have experienced the same problems including the OnePlus 8T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Some have discovered that disabling the magnification accessibility setting helped exterminate the bug. Others found that disabling the accessibility option for various apps on their phones allowed some controllers to work. But this wasn't a cure for all game players. Obviously the best way to get rid of this bug is for Google to disseminate a software update. It has been, as we pointed out earlier, approximately five months since Google first learned about the issue. Could it really be that this is just too much of a challenge for Google to fix quickly?

The Issue Tracker contains posts dated August 7th through today, January 19th. One comment states, "Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G join the group since One UI 3.0 with Android 11 update. Problem still exists, no solution yet, accessibility all turn off also same (nothing turn on in the first place anyway). Connect to game controller outside game work fine, after enter the game no more control. Hope Google solve the problem asap." Another says, "After installing Android 11 on my Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, My Razer Kishi Xbox Edition controller is now only selectively working in apps. It was perfectly fine before the update, but now that I've updated I'm running into issues.

Where it works:
* I'm the Android UI
* In the Testing App linked above
* In Minecraft Android edition

Where it doesn't work:
* Xbox Game Pass App (After you begin streaming a cloud game all thumbstick/directional buttons/triggers stop functioning)
* GeForce Now (same issue above)
* Steam Link (same issue above)

Please fix the Android gamepad support."

Hopefully for game players, they won't have to wait another five months before Google takes care of the issue.
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