Google Chrome for iOS may finally get multiple profile support

Google Chrome for iOS may finally get multiple profile support
If you've ever shared an iPad with a family member or wanted to keep your work life separate from your personal browsing, you likely understand the pain of only having one Chrome profile allowed on iOS. This stands in contrast to Chrome on other operating systems (like Windows or ChromeOS) where you can easily create and switch between multiple profiles. Well, that may soon change.

According to a report from The Mac Observer (h/t Reflector Media), Google is finally testing the ability to create and switch between multiple Chrome profiles on iOS. This has long been a desired feature, as multiple profiles offer a way to keep bookmarks, browser settings, history, and other data separate. For example, this would help those who need distinct settings between their work and home life.

Currently, Google appears to be working on a simple profile switching system for iOS, though more advanced features may come later. The feature hasn't been given an official name and is only accessible through experimental settings, so it's still in the early stages of development. The source was able to find the related strings in the code, hidden behind an experimental flag.

Credit: The Mac Observer

Oddly enough, Google hasn't yet implemented a similar feature for Chrome on Android. We've actually seen a few new Chrome features appear on iOS recently, such as an offline reading list and even package tracking limited to the US. It seems Google may be prioritizing the iOS version of Chrome for certain enhancements, which could be due to the competitive nature of the iOS app market.

Let's hope Google continues to refine and expands the multiple profile feature on iOS, and extend the same treatment to its own Android operating system. It certainly has the potential to streamline the browsing experience for many users and bring Chrome on iOS in line with the experience offered on other devices.

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