Google rolls out support for unwanted tracking alerts in Android (Apple too)

Google rolls out support for unwanted tracking alerts in Android (Apple too)
Google and Apple released a joint press release announcing what they should have delivered a long time ago: support for unwanted tracking alerts. Apple confirmed that it’s implementing this feature in iOS 17.5, while Google is launching the capability on Android 6.0+ devices.

This life-saving feature will alert users if an unknown Bluetooth tracking device is seen moving with them over time. And since the feature is being implemented on both Android and iOS, it will be able to track the unknown Bluetooth device regardless of the platform it is paired with.

Whenever a user gets such an alert on their iOS device, it means that someone else’s AirTag, Find My accessory, or other similar Bluetooth tracking device is moving with them.

Furthermore, an iPhone or Android smartphone can be used to view the tracker’s identifier. Also, users can now have the tracker play a sound to help locate it, as well as access instructions to disable it.

Apple and Google announced that Bluetooth tag manufacturers like Chipolo, eufy, Jio, Motorola and Pebblebee committed that future tags will be compatible.

The cross-platform collaboration between Apple and Google is an industry first, and the two companies promised to continue to develop the official standard for this technology.

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