Google will let you put a duck’s head on a horse through its AI-powered image creation tool

Google will let you put a duck’s head on a horse through its AI-powered image creation tool
AI is all the rage now! Regardless of whether you are into increasing your productivity, sparking your creativity or just playing some old text-based RPGs, AI can do it all. ChatGPT led the revolution, Microsoft followed and Google had to join in. And now we’re standing at the gates of a new feature where AI is likely to be on all of the best phones of the future.

If you haven’t heard about Bard before, then you should know that this is Google’s AI. Initially, it started out as an experiment, but during the I/O event of 2023, the Big G showcased it in more detail and promised to allow users to play around with it soon.

But there was no mention of image creation, beyond their collaboration with Adobe. Odd, as this is probably what sparked this huge surge of attention towards AI to begin with. Well, it took awhile, but Google finally revealed Imagen Creator — their own image creation model.

So, one key question here is why isn’t this part of Bard? Well, the simple answer to that is that we don’t know. As such, let’s move on to things we do know about Imagen. For example, it looks like it is going to be one of the easiest AI image creation tools to work with. The workflow, as of now, seems to be as follows:

  1. Upload an image
  2. Select the part of the image that you’d like to change
  3. On the selected part, type out your intent

And that’s about it! The demo you see above is pretty clear in showcasing the idea. The way this works is reminiscent of Google’s object eraser, found on its Pixel line of phones. With that feature, users select a portion of a photo that they’d like to… Let’s call it “simplify” and Google’s AI will do its thing and ensure that no unwanted objects are on there. With a pretty high success rate too!

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Now, if you head to Imagen’s official website, you may notice that there’s a download link, but let us save you some time: that’s not the tool. That is for developers. As of now, we don’t have a release date for a stable version of Imagen Creator and we don’t even know if such is planned. But hey, at least now we know that Google does have this in the pot!

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