GiffGaff Goodybags receive unlimited calls and texts, higher data caps

GiffGaff Goodybags receive unlimited calls and texts, higher data caps
GiffGaff has today announced improved versions of its popular Goodybag SIM only plans that boost the amount of data on some packages and raise the calls and texts cap for all customers.

Previous Goodybags offered varying amounts of calls and texts to customers depending on which plan was selected. Now, regardless of the attached price tag, all Goodybags bundle in unlimited calls and texts to users.

The sole differentiating factor between SIM plans moving forward is the amount of data that’s on offer. If you decided to go for the entry-level £6 and £8 plans, you might be disappointed to hear the network provider has retained the respective 500MB and 2GB data allowances.

GiffGaff has also kept the 6GB, 10GB, and 15GB data caps that are available on the £10, £12, and £15 Goodybag packages respectively.
The slightly pricier £20 Goodybag, on the other hand, now offers a whopping 80GB of 4G data on O2’s network. That’s double the previous 40GB data cap. 

Completing the list of Goodybags is the £25 package that offers unlimited data. It used to be capped at 40GB of high-speed data but this has now been increased to 80GB. After that, data speeds will be reduced to 384kbps from 8am to Midnight.


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