Google brings Gboard's real-time Grammar Check to all Android devices

Google brings Gboard's real-time Grammar Check to all Android devices
No longer a feature limited to Pixel models only, Google is making Gboard's Grammar Check available for other Android devices. No, the feature will not perform a virtual welfare check on your grandma in Boca Raton, but it will alert you in real-time if you failed to put a comma in the appropriate spot or if you put a comma where one doesn't belong. Consider it Google's answer to the Grammarly app.

When Grammar Check detects a grammatical blunder, it will underline the error in blue and make suggestions on how to fix the error. The feature can be disabled via Gboard's settings menu. Promoting Grammar Check, Google says,"More than just a spell check, the new grammar correction feature on Gboard works entirely on your device to detect grammatical errors and offer suggestions to help you bring your thoughts to life."

Originally available on the Pixel 6 series, Google broadened the release to include all compatible Pixel models in February before giving users of all non-Pixel Android phones the opportunity to create bullet-proof sentences.

In the above example, an Android user texts a friend to remind him to move "you're clock" ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The feature underlines in blue the word "you're" since it is incorrectly used in this sentence. Tapping on the underlined word results in the suggestion to use the spelling "your" and tapping on that recommendation corrects the sentence by substituting "your" for "you're."

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Make sure that you have Grammar Check enabled on the Gboard app. to do that, open up Google Messages or any other app that uses Gboard. Tap on the gear icon to open the settings. From the list, tap on Text correction and scroll down to the bottom to see Grammar check. Make sure it is toggled on.

Google also announced that it is adding 2,000 new combinations of emoji for the Emoji Kitchen. The latter is a library consisting of two emoji combined to convey your current emotions. Only Google designers are allowed to create these mashups and the Emoji Kitchen is closed to iOS users.

Also rolling out now is a new feature that converts text that a user has written and converts it into a sticker for use when messaging. This was announced as part of the March Feature Drop for Pixel phones and had been spotted by some redditors being tested by Google as far back as November.

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