The old but gold Garmin Instinct Solar is now a tempting 34% cheaper at Amazon

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The old but gold Garmin Instinct Solar is now a tempting 34% cheaper at Amazon
Don’t you just hate it when your smartwatch can’t make it over a day between charges? Amazon offers something with a beastly battery life at an incredible price that might be perfect for you. We’re talking about the Garmin Instinct Solar, which may be getting a bit old now but still has all the basics you’ll need, plus a massive battery life of up to 54 days. Moreover, you can now get it at 34% off via Amazon.

Let’s do the math: at 34% off, the Garmin lands under the $230 mark, meaning you get to save $120 on your purchase. Even though this isn’t the highest-ever discount available for the timepiece, it still lands it at a much more stomachable price.

Save $120 on the Garmin Instinct Solar

The old but gold Garmin Instinct Solar with huge battery life of up to 54 days is a rugged GPS smartwatch that now retails at 34% lower prices on Amazon. The timepiece lacks advanced features like Garmin Coach but is plenty good for heart rate, sleep, energy, and workout tracking. It has multiple built-in workout modes and features different global navigation satellite systems on deck, providing more accurate tracking in challenging environments than using GPS alone.

This Garmin timepiece easily surpasses some of the best fitness trackers on the market with its smashing battery life. Still, right off the bat, we want to stress once more that the wearable is no spring chicken. Shoppers looking for something more contemporary could opt for the Instinct 2, as it’s also available at lower prices on Amazon.

If you don’t need the extra bells and whistles associated with the latest fitness trackers and conventional smartwatches, the Garmin Instinct Solar could become your perfect everyday companion. With its three-axis compass and multiple navigation satellite systems, it helps you track your way even in unfamiliar surroundings. With it, you can also trace your workout performance and monitor your heart rate, stress, sleep, and energy levels.

Granted, there’s no Garmin Coach or daily suggested workouts, not to mention double-tap gestures like the ones you get on the latest Apple Watch series, but this bad boy is still equipped with all the basics a fitness enthusiast needs.

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Overall, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t want to deal with the limitations of daily charging, or simply need a basic rugged GPS smartwatch without all those fancy features, the Garmin Instinct Solar could prove a suitable choice. It’s currently $120 cheaper at Amazon, making it an option you should consider.

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