Twitter tipster shows us what the Galaxy S23 screen could look like with an under-display camera

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Twitter tipster shows us what the Galaxy S23 screen could look like with an under-display camera
What would the Samsung Galaxy S23 look like if it offered an under-display camera (UDC)? Twitter tipster Ice Universe gave us a look at what could be the future by taking images of the Galaxy S22 and pasting on it photoshopped wallpaper without a hole-punch cutout. While many of you say that they don't notice the hole-punch when using their phone, a completely intact display does have a nice look to it.

This would not be Samsung's first phone to sport such a feature. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 released last year came with an under-display camera sensor which Samsung admitted was not designed for selfies. Actually, our review of the in-display camera said, "it’s absolutely not great for any type of pictures, as expected. It works fine for Skype chats, though."

Samsung has already mastered the under-display fingerprint scanner with its ultrasonic biometric reader that makes mincemeat out of the optical under-display scanner employed by Google on the Pixel 6 line. Eventually, this will be a feature that every manufacturer will have on their phones. As usual with something new like under-display cameras, the cost of the parts and the quality of the images captured will improve over time.

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Keep in mind that Samsung is not the first to deliver a phone using an under-display camera. Some Chinese manufacturers such as ZTE have already included this feature. For example, the ZTE Axon 20 5G was the first handset to sport a camera under the front screen back in September 2020. And ZTE followed that up by including the under-display camera on the Axon 30 5G.

Add Xiaomi's Mi Mix 4 to the list of handsets using an UDC and if Samsung decides to employ one on next years' Galaxy S23, the display will look something like the image shared by Ice Universe. And the tipster points out that while he doesn't know whether a UDC is coming to the phone, "maybe if the UDC of fold4 is satisfactory, Samsung will use it for S23."

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