There's a fix for the WhatsApp bug that prevents users from sending video messages

There's a fix for the WhatsApp bug that prevents users from sending video messages
If you're unable to send videos over WhatsApp, fret not – there is a workaround solution that will let you send that 20-second clip of your snoring cat to your pal!

The latest version of WhatsApp is plagued by a bug that stops users from sending video messages. A Reddit user (u/EnderVamp) noticed the messenger's failure to transmit video messages specifically on Android. Whenever an attempt is made to dispatch a video via WhatsApp, a pop-up notification emerges, stating, "Can't send this video. Choose a different video and try again".

What a bummer. Also, it's hilarious. Well, sort of.

Funny enough, this bug seems to exclusively affect video files shot on Android phones. However, if you try to send MOV files (that's what the iPhone produces), there isn't any problem. So far, only video files are impacted, leaving other formats unscathed.

A temporary fix

So far, it isn't clear how many Android phones are impacted and what's the real cause of the bug. Mobile app glitches can stem from various factors, such as programming errors, OS incompatibilities, among others. It's important to note that the user was utilizing a beta version of WhatsApp, which might contribute to the bug's manifestation.

For affected users seeking a temporary remedy, downgrading WhatsApp to version appears to resolve the issue. Since Google Playstore does not allow you to roll back to a previous version of an application, you will have to look for the specific version from external sources like APK Mirror. Don't do this if you're not familiar with your device and you're not feeling confident enough.

Alternatively, users may opt to await WhatsApp's forthcoming fix. WhatsApp's team is usually fast with those kind of pesky problems.

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