A Fitbit 2022 in review: a race for activity

A Fitbit 2022 in review: a race for activity
2022 was a year. For some, it was a great year, for others — less so, but regardless of circumstance, one thing remains imperative: staying healthy. And naturally, us techies like to track said health via smart bands, like those from Fitbit.

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The company would like to raise your spirit of positivity and possibly even inspire some friendly competition through their year in review. It showcases some impressive stats for users worldwide. Good job on the 47 trillion steps you’ve cumulatively taken, everyone!

The breakdown goes deeper than that and unveils some curious details too. For example, the most activity that Fitbit trackers detected was from May of 2022, with May 27 in particular becoming crowned as the day that saw the most steps being walked.

Of utmost importance is the fact that the Giraffe was the most popular sleep animal. But wait, why? Well, Fitbit animals represent different sleep habits. And having this many giraffes means that many users are going to bed late, waking up early and getting about 6.5 hours of sleep on average. While actual giraffes are cool, these results can certainly be improved.

We’ve also got data on display for activity. It's based on heart-rate readings, which indicate minutes spent working out. As previously established, May continues to be the busiest time of the year, with walking being the most popular activity among users. Fitbit shares a cumulative 173 billion Active Zone Minutes being achieved, but we don’t have stats from previous years to compare to, so we can’t say if that's an improvement.

Fitbit also shared which countries contributed the most to the overall stats. Switzerland and Sweden remain as the most active countries, while Finlanders still hold the first spot in terms of sleep. This year, a new category was also introduced: stress management, and Spain is winning that race.

When compared to the overall results from 2021, we can see that winners continue to be winners. So if you know someone from Finland, congratulate them on the occasion and make sure to ask for tips and tricks about getting better sleep!

Fitbit has a healthy challenge for users in 2023, and it's to improve sleep quality. With most of the year being ahead of us, this is your chance to go from a giraffe to a parrot, which would indicate an overall healthy sleep pattern.

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