Strings of code reveal the latest rumored features for the Galaxy S20 cameras

Strings of code reveal the latest rumored features for the Galaxy S20 cameras
Back in December, XDA was able to extract some code out of the OneUI 2.0 update to discover some photography features that could appear with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 line. And no, you haven't taken a trip into the future. If you've been out of the loop, you might have missed the news that the Galaxy S11 phones could be branded the Galaxy S20 series. The manufacturer believes that the public would see this as a new start for Sammy's flagship series.

After breaking down the Galaxy Note 9's OneUI 2.0 update, XDA has come across some additional strings of code that provide more details about the new features to expect for the cameras on the Galaxy S20 line. We expect a 108MP sensor to be used for the primary camera on the back of the Galaxy S20 series with 9:1 pixel binning to deliver sharp and noise-free 12MP images. We also could see a periscope-style telephoto camera that will provide 5x optical zoom; in combination with the 108MP sensor, Samsung will be marketing a feature called "Space Zoom" that delivers 50x hybrid and 100x digital zoom. These premium-type features for the rear cameras might be limited to the Galaxy S20+.

Single Take Photo activates the shutter at the optimal time to take a photograph

Director's View is a feature that we've mentioned before, and at first, it appeared that it would allow users to record videos and switch lenses in the middle of recording. However, based on the latest strings of code discovered by XDA, it appears that the feature allows the user to select a subject to focus on and the Galaxy S20 will continue tracking that subject even if he or she is moving.

Single Take Photo is a feature similar to Google's Photobooth. The latter makes sure that the shutter on the selfie camera does snap a picture until everyone in the "viewfinder" has their eyes open and sports a nice expression. Certain activities and expressions will also set off the shutter such as "smiles, tongue-out, kissy/duck face, puffy-cheeks, and surprise." With Single Take Photo, the Galaxy S20 will monitor the subjects of a group photo and take the picture at the perfect time. Unlike Photobooth, Single Take Photo will work with more than just the selfie camera.

Pro Video allows users to manually adjust settings on the camera for taking videos and pictures. Adjustable settings control things like shutter speed, exposure, ISO, and color tone. Originally found on 2015's Galaxy S6, the feature was soon limited to still shots only although that will apparently change back with the S20 line. And four new bokeh effects are coming named Artify, Mono, Side light, and Vintage.

XDA also discovered an animation file for the Galaxy Fold 2. The sequel to Sammy's first foldable phone will close and open around the horizontal axis like the Motorola razr. Unlike the first Galaxy Fold, the product isn't designed to open from a smartphone into a tablet. Instead, it is a pocketable device that opens up to become a 6.7-inch phone according to the latest rumors. The Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly sport a pair of batteries with one of them weighing in at a capacity of 900mAh. And that is why it is good to find that the aforementioned animation file reveals Super Fast Charging for the Galaxy Fold 2 that replenishes the battery at a minimum of 25W and a maximum of 45W.

Speaking of batteries, Samsung is taking a page from Apple this year, according to strings of code discovered by XDA. A battery health feature monitors the condition of the battery on a Samsung phone and lets the user know when it is time to start looking at a replacement for the component.

Keep in mind that these strings of code come from Samsung itself. The question is when and whether we will see the features revealed by these strings included on a Samsung Galaxy phone. With Samsung's next flagship coming soon, it would be quite normal to expect some of these features to be included with at least one of the Galaxy S20 models.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Fold 2 are expected to be unveiled on February 18th.

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