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Facebook launches its newsletter platform called Bulletin

Facebook launches its newsletter platform called Bulletin
It seems that Facebook is really serious about adding new formats and platforms to its portfolio. Earlier this month, the social network announced the debut of Live Audio Rooms, and now Facebook is launching its own newsletter/blog platform, called Bulletin.

“One of the most exciting stories in journalism in recent years has been the growing number of independent writers who are making a living and building businesses by connecting directly with their readers. That’s why we’re launching Bulletin, a set of publishing and subscription tools to support these creators in the US,” reads the official post on Bulletin FYI page.

Bulletin is a standalone project, which means it lives outside Facebook. Creators have the freedom to build their own websites with custom branding, color palette, and publication name. There’s a subscription model onboard to help creators make a living, and Facebook says that “Bulletin writers will keep all of their subscription revenue for the length of these partnerships.”
Bulletin will make use of Facebook's distribution tools - it will show up on the author’s Facebook pages and also pop up in the news section of Facebook’s app. Subscription payments will be handled by Facebook Pay, accepting credit or debit cards, and PayPal transfers.

Facebook is kicking off the new platform with a select group of writers, including Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant, TV hosts like former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin and former ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews, among others. Bulletin is virtually in a closed-beta phase right now, but Facebook plans to add more writers to the platform in the coming months.
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