Body mass scales got you down? Here's a belly fat scanner for your phone

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As smart as today's weight scales are, their measurements of your Body Mass Index hence fat percentage can be widely off, depending on how much water you have retained. A better approach is to directly measure your belly lipids, as the arguably best indicator for the amount of visceral fat around your internal organs that can lead to diabetes and other health problems.

That's precisely what Olive Healthcare demonstrated over at the CES 2020 expo in Las Vegas, showcasing a small phone accessory that is aptly named Bello. It scans just the lipids around your midsection, and presents the results in the form of a final score on your phone with the accompanying app. After more than ten months in campaign mode, it is launching soon, and can be pre-ordered now.

Bello belly fat scanner price and availability

It takes just 3 seconds to scan your waistline, get the fat percentage stats, and adjust your diet and/o exercise regimen accordingly. Unfortunately, the gizmo isn't cheap, as you can imagine, as it does more than simply send a few signals up your  heels to measure bioelectrical impedance.

Bello will set you back $379, but, as usual, the campaign offers 50% off for early birds, and you can set apart your abdominal muscles from your subcutaneous and visceral fat amounts for $179 now. 

Needless to say, the Koreans from Olive Healthcare tout that Bello checks all the boxes that BMI scales or even calipers don't in that it is more precise and way easier to use. Still checking your weight instead of your belly fat percentage? There is an app for that, and a shame-inducing gizmo.

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