Microsoft adds Bing's AI chatbot to the Android SwiftKey app; feature will improve your texts

Microsoft adds Bing's AI chatbot to the Android SwiftKey app; feature will improve your texts
Thanks to its investment in OpenAI, Microsoft has been adding access to AI chatbot ChatGPT to everything. Bing, of course, has ChatGPT integration, and enabling a flag on both the Android and iOS version of the Edge app will put a button on the Edge toolbox giving you one-tap access to the conversational AI chatbot. Now Microsoft is adding Bing Chat AI to its popular third-party QWERTY app for Android, SwiftKey.

Per The Verge, with this integration, SwiftKey for Android users will be able to access the chatbot like they already can on Bing. The process starts by installing the SwiftKey Beta app from the Google Play Store which can be done by tapping on this link. After opening the app, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft Account information. Microsoft's CTO of mobile and commerce Pedram Rezaei said on Twitter that the feature is "slowly rolling out." Some Android users say that they have not yet seen the chatbot after installing the app.

Android users with the SwiftKey Beta app installed will be able to access Bing AI from a button above the keys. Tapping that button opens the search feature and Bing Chat which accesses the AI chatbot. In addition, with the SwiftKey for Android app, users will be able to improve text messages by typing what they want to write in a field and having the AI feature rewrite it using different tones. On Bing and Edge, the same functionality can be used to create documents and emails.

Last year Microsoft pulled SwiftKey from iOS before bringing it back. You can install the app for your iPhone by clicking on this link. Microsoft might feel pressured to quickly integrate the AI chat feature with the iOS version of SwiftKey considering the competition from other iOS third-party QWERTY keyboard apps with AI functionality.

Google is expected to integrate many of its apps including Search, Gboard, and others with its conversational AI chatbot Bard.

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