The next big thing for iPhone might be superior durability

The next big upgrade for iPhone might be superior durability
The question of whether we have reached a plateau in the evolution of phones is becoming more and more relevant, with most flagship phones improving somewhat incrementally with each new generation. Yes, we are constantly seeing key aspects like cameras and chipsets becoming better, but where can we expect a true breakthrough in the evolution of our favorite gadgets?

Well, one area that is ripe for diving into is the durability of our phones, and Apple seems to think that as well. Currently, rumors are saying that the anticipated iPhone 15 Ultra (a new model that's expected to become the company's most premium option this year) will come with a lighter and stronger titanium frame instead of the stainless steel one we are used to on the Pro iPhones.

Taking a look at the more distant future, however, Apple is seemingly looking for a way to also make the glass on the iPhone's front and back — which are the parts that break most often — tougher and longer-lasting. At least this is what one of the latest patent granted to the tech giant is implying. (via CreativeBloq)

The patent depicts a new type of housing that would be much more resistant to abrasion, meaning fewer scratches. Unfortunately, there is no mention of this new material being any better at protecting your phone from cracks as a result of falls or drops, so it is difficult to say that this would be the one breakthrough that would make phone cases obsolete.

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Nevertheless, what's impressive about the material this patent describes is that it continues to have favorable electromagnetic properties while improving that scratch resistance.

With the rumored change in materials for the iPhone 15 Ultra and this patent describing more scratch-resistant glass, it is clear Apple is looking towards durability as the next thing that would help market its premium phones. We are talking about a patent, though, which often remains a concept that does not come to fruition, so keep your expectations realistic.

Then again, tougher phones that don't break as easily do sound like one of the most logical places for manufacturers to focus on, so any news about the possibility of such improvements is exciting to hear.

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