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Best offline RPGs for iPhone and Android to play in 2020


If you are looking for a game that you can sink a lot of time in, you will often find yourself hunting for a role-playing game (an RPG). These come in a variety of flavors, each focusing on a different aspect of the genre. Some are just hack-and-slash monster slaying marathons that focus on loot and gear, others go in depth with character development, and there are those that put an emphasis on tactics and prolonged battles.

No matter the specific flavor, any RPG will usually promise a rich world with unending lore and at least a smidgen of an interesting story. In other words, if you're about to spend a lot of time with nothing to do but game on your phone, it's a genre worth exploring.

And since we are so often stuck in places with no Wi-Fi, there's nothing we dislike more than racing towards our data caps while trying to enjoy a game in single player experience. So, the games here were specifically picked out to work in offline mode. Yeah, you can finally visit grandma out of town and not worry about the lack of coverage, because these games will have you covered!

Dungeon Quest

This is a classic isometric hack-and-slash RPG where the main point is to kill monsters and gather epic loot so that you can kill more monsters. You have three hero classes to pick from — warrior, mage, and rogue. Yeah, it sounds Diablo-esque and, really, the game does feel like it drew some inspiration from the Diablo series. For example, every time you level up, you get stat points to spend on physical attributes, but also skill points to unlock and upgrade various unique skills. With the many weapons in the game, you can definitely make your own focused builds over multiple characters.


This is a beautiful love letter to the history of gaming in the form of an RPG. It starts out in monochrome color with pixelated graphics. As you progress through the game, it evolves to add colors, better graphics, sounds, and music, eventually ending up as a 3D adventure RPG. A pretty cool idea in concept that also happens to be solidly executed. If you enjoy it, but find its story to be a bit short — don't worry, there's a sequel available — Evoland 2!

Exiled Kingdoms

OK, let's get this out of the way... this game is not pretty to look at. It pays homeage to the RPG games of ye olde days and it goes all in — antiquated graphics and silly animations included. However, if you are capable of getting past that, you will find yourself playing a deep RPG game with tons of build options, a huge world to explore, and a story that's engaging enough to keep nudging you to play. The soundtrack also helps to suck you in that "classic RPG" feel.

It's not entirely free — about the time you are level 7, you will find that you need to pay to unlock the full game. But, at that point, you should already have your mind set on whether or not you want to spend $4 on this game.


A hero / monster collector with some Pokemon vibes. An adventure with a pretty, Japanese animation style. You've got tons of characters to collect and builds to make, as well as an interesting story to make your way through. The battles are in typical, turn-based tactical RPG style. The game does have some online elements, like guilds and PvP, but you can just play offline whenever you need to.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

This game is a bit on the pricey side, but as soon as you open it, you will see why. It's a gorgeous JRPG-styled game set in a fantasy world, which comes alive with beautiful graphics, smooth animations, and a great soundtrack. At its core, it's a turn-based team battle game with some minor tweaks and twists to the combat system. Of course, when you are not fighting, you are exploring the world, making your way from point A to point B while picking up secrets, quests, and combat experience along the way. The story is not very deep, though, it does deliver a few interesting moments by the time the credits roll.

Still, this game's true shining feature is the combat, so if you are looking for that turn-based JRPG tactical experience, do check Battle Chasers out.

Way of Retribution: Awakening

This is a pretty serious Souls-like game for Android. You've got some very deep character customization options — from appearance to character class to individual skills — and a pretty unforgiving combat experience ahead of you. Every enemy is deadly and you need to stay on your toes at all times, utilizing blocks, dodges, and special skills in order to survive. It looks like the title is still in development, as it does feel a bit rought around the edges. It still doesn't support an external controller, but a grayed out option in the settings menu suggest we will get that soon.

Titan Quest

This is a PC game hailing back from 2006. It has been remastered and remade so you can enjoy it straight on your mobile phone. Titan Quest is its won thing, but it does hail from an era when Diablo II was still pretty fresh in RPG fans, so you will definitely be getting some Diablo vibes from it. The game is humongous and you will definitely sink quite a bit of time in it. If the aging graphics don't bother you too much, it's a fair investment for any action RPG fan.


This is an adventure RPG with some very heavy Zelda influences. It's set in a vast fantasy world and takes you through a story, which won't wow you with something groundbreaking, but at least it's charming. The focus here, as with Zelda games, is on exploration — leave no stone unturned. If that's the kind of game you're into, give Oceanhorn a try. Android users can test the free demo before committing to a purchase.

This is, of course, is the predecessor of Oceanhorn 2 — one of Apple Arcade's flagship exclusive games.

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition

Another game that hails from ye olde era of PC RPGs. Namely, this one was originally a 1999 release. So, yeah, it says "remastered" in the title, but don't expect true shining beauty once you open it up. But if you care more about gameplay depth and a hardcore ARPG experience, this shouldn't bother you. And Planescape: Torment is still royalty when it comes to ARPG. To top it off, it's set within the universe of Dungeons & Dragons and carries a hefty chunk of story to go through. The mobile remaster holds up well and the controls don't feel too clunky. 

Forged Fantasy

Part hero collector RPG, part idle farmer, part PvP action game. Yeah, in Forged Fantasy, you can collect and level up your heroes all you want in offline... then take them online for some PvP action. It even has an "auto play" switch, so you can set your phone on your desk and still level up while actually doing work.

Pocket Rogues

This is a top-down action RPG in a very retro style. It has heavy Rogue-like elements with permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and a leveling up system, which allows you to dive back in the dungeons slightly more powerful than last time. There are tons of classes and items to experiment with and it will take you quite a while before you can beat this one.


Postknight is a pretty simplistic game capable of scratching that RPG itch when you don't have much time to commit to something more complex. Basically, you are delivering letters and packages between villages. Each level represents the road from point A and point B, and since this isn't a Kojima game, you actually battle a bunch of foes before you can reach your destination. Well... "battle" is used loosely here — your character bumps into the enemies until somebody dies. Of course, you have some hero skills to help you out as well as a leveling system and different inventory items to make your postman tougher.

A Girl Adrift

Another simpler RPG — the world has been flooded and humanity is only comprised of survivors living on small remote islands. Your character survives by living on a raft and fishing for tons and tons of... well, fish. Just so happens that every little human settlement needs you to go and fish something for them. The gameplay itself is simply tap-based — tap to drop the fishing pole, rapidly tap to battle with a fish once you've caught one. And there's the map to explore — you get to pick how to 
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