Apple's behind-the-scenes video of the Super Bowl halftime show recorded by iPhone 15 Pro line

Apple's behind-the-scenes video of the Super Bowl halftime show recorded by iPhone 15 Pro line
It's hard to believe that the Super Bowl was played just one week ago today and there is no doubt that the excitement of that contest has been surpassed by the horrific event that took place at the parade in Kansas City last Wednesday when one fan was gunned down and 22 injured (more than half of those hurt were children). During the game, Usher starred in the half-time show and Apple has shared a video showing what went on with the making of the show behind-the-scenes.

Obviously, Apple wouldn't be showing you this video if it hadn't been recorded using more than 40 iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max handsets. Per 9to5Mac, Xiaolong Liu, director of photography for the behind-the-scenes video, explained why using the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to record the video was an advantage. "iPhones are significantly more portable and discreet compared to traditional cameras, allowing for shooting in a wider variety of locations and rigs with minimal setup."

Xiaolong added, "The ability to swap between lenses (Wide, Ultra Wide, Telephoto) quickly without additional equipment is an efficient advantage for schedule-intensive shooting situations. The unobtrusive nature of an iPhone can help capture more natural and spontaneous shots. The size and flexibility of iPhone allows for capturing footage from unique angles and tight spaces where traditional cameras wouldn’t fit. For example the throne shot of Usher and the piano shot of Alicia Keys."

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Director Mike Carson said, "This was a game-changer, especially with so many uncontrollable lighting scenarios, given our docu-style approach. We were able to retain so much visual information and data with the amount of dynamic range we had, and Log was paramount in that. I was blown away in the color session by the final image. Overall, it was great. As a director who also likes to be hands-on, I especially had fun being able to just pick up a camera and shoot without having to overthink about gear, and I could focus on what was in my frame and the overall story and emotion I wanted to evoke. The learning curve was small."

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Carson further remarked, "As someone who just loves creating, regardless of scale or medium, seeing the results of what we shot has definitely inspired me to pick up iPhone and just shoot, so I’m excited to keep exploring the possibilities and embedding iPhone into my process."

Check out the behind-the-scenes video that accompanies this article.

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